Sexual Disorders

Symptoms of Sexual Disorders

What are Sexual Disorders?

Sexual disorder are characterized by any problems that prevent individuals or couples from indulging in satisfaction from sexual activities. In Pakistan, notions of sexual desire and satisfaction are considered taboos, but it can be greatly beneficial for your health, and also your relationships, to maintain a healthy and enjoyable sexual life. Usually, sexual disorders are recognized by any problem that happens during one or more phase(s) of the sexual response cycle. The phases of a sexual response cycle are: desire (libido), arousal (excitement), orgasm, and finally, resolution.

Types and Symptoms of Sexual Disorders:

In men:

Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence: An inability to achieve/maintain an erection

Delayed/Absent Ejaculation: Ejaculation does not occur, or occurs after long delays

Early/Premature Ejaculation: Ejaculation occurs prematurely; you find it hard to control the timing

In women:

Anorgasmia: An inability to achieve orgasm (also found in men; however, mostly found in women)

Vaginismus: The body’s automatic reaction to the fear of any kind of vaginal penetration. Your vaginal muscles tighten up, without you having any control over it, whenever penetration is attempted.

In men and women:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders: A type of mental as well as physical sexual dysfunction in which an individual lacks motivation or loses desire to have sexual intercourse, usually over extended periods of time (at least 6 months).

Decreased Libido: A noticeable reduction in sexual drive

No libido: The absence of sexual drive or motivation to have sexual intercourse

What Are the Causes of Sexual Disorders?

Sexual disorders can be caused by both; physical and psychological factors. Physical causes include diabetes, heart or vascular diseases, neurological disorders, chronic diseases, hormonal imbalances and drug overdose. Additionally, sexual disorder can also be caused as side effects of some anti-depressant drugs, which can be treated by getting the anti-depressant prescription changed.
Mostly, sexual disorders are caused by psychological factors, which include but are not limited to work-related anxiety, stress, anxiety about sexual performance, relationship problems, effects of past sexual trauma and also depression.

Sexual Disorders


Sexual disorders can definitely be challenging to deal with, but like every other psychological illness, seeking treatment of psychosexual disorders is always beneficial in the long run. Dr. Mamsa’s multi-modal treatment methodology involves a combination of expertise in sexologist psychopharmacology (medical treatment) with psychotherapy. He emphasizes a strong belief in the additive effect of various treatment modalities to work in conjunction rather than simply prescribing medication. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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